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It is often said that everyone should have a good legal advisor in life. At Saadi law, we strive to fulfill that weighty role. We are individual-oriented professionals focused on finding the right solutions efficiently. This is why we become the life-long advisors to many of our clients. We routinely act as advisors, counsellors, mediators and litigators. We routinely appear before the courts, tribunals and regulatory bodies across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Dedicated Team

We are a team of professionals whose collective experience in law and other disciplines makes for effective representation. In defence of your rights, we are zealous, influential and committed. We are committed to assisting our clientele through difficult and stressful matters they encounter personally and professionally.


Saadi Law employs a well-rounded staff of hard-working and devoted individuals with over 25 years of collective experience and exceptional service-oriented attitude.

About Delaram F. Saadi

Delaram Saadi obtained her J.D. from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2010 where she amassed significant experience by learning from some of the best litigation attorneys in the U.S. and Canada. She then articled for a small firm in Richmond Hill, Ontario and became acquainted with the real legal challenges faced by many on a daily basis. Ms. Saadi was called to the Ontario Bar in 2012 and founded Saadi Law the same year driven by a passion for service and a world-embracing vision.


Ms. Saadi also holds certification in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution from York University.


Ms. Saadi is an active member of the Law Society of Ontario, Law Society of Alberta, and the Criminal Lawyers’ Association.




416 352-5011

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